South Dakota became the latest addition to the Amish map in 2010 when families from Wisconsin began moving to Hutchinson County in the southeast part of the state.  The group got a good bit of media attention along with other new Amish communities in Western states such as Colorado.

South Dakota is better known as the state with the highest number of Hutterite colonies (though overall more Hutterites live in Canada).

For more info on the Amish in South Dakota, try this new Amish State Guide entry:  South Dakota Amish.

And if you aren’t familiar with the Hutterites, they are an Anabaptist group related to the Amish.

They differ in some key ways, including their use of technology and by the fact that they live in colonies and share resources in common.

For a good intro to the Hutterites, in January we featured an interview with former Hutterite Mary-Ann Kirkby, along with some basic info on the group.  An excerpt from the interview:

What aspects of Hutterite life have you missed the most?  Has that changed over time?

Mary-Ann Kirkby: Most of all the people, their saucy sense of humour, their endearing and unmistakable candor and the wonderful camaraderie.  I miss eating my favorites foods, including cottage cheese and sucre pies on a regular basis and for my son Levi, I miss the privilege of having friends and family right next door and running with them all day in such a safe community environment.

What don’t you miss about Hutterite life?

Mary-Ann Kirkby: Getting up really early and my cook week.  I would however really enjoy my bake week. The warmth and smells of the bakery, watching the dough rise, kneading it and rolling the buns is an altogether sensuous experience.

If you didn’t catch it already, it’s definitely worth a read, which you can do here: Hutterites.

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