Amish Search Welsh Mountain Again For Linda Stoltzfoos; Nothing Found

There’s not much to share this week on the Linda Stoltzfoos story, other than a report that around 65 trained volunteers and members of the Amish community searched again Wednesday in the Welsh Mountain area, a heavily-wooded part of Lancaster County.

This comes after a large search Saturday, also in the Welsh Mountain area, involving 600 people. I guess this means they have reason to believe signs of Linda might be found in that area.

Linda was last seen June 21st. Anyone with information should call the Pennsylvania State Police, Lancaster Barracks at 717-299-7650, or the FBI at 800-CALL-FBI.

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    1. Geo


      An earlier poster suggested employing a psychic. I hope it’s at least considered. Lost persons have been found often enough to make it worth trying.

      1. June


        I don’t think an Amish community would rely on psychics to find Linda. Their trust would rely on God to answer their prayers in due time.

    2. Aj

      Unlikely they will find the body of Linda at this point unless the killer comes forward. Then again, I’m reminded of the case in South Korea of the “Frog Boys” who went missing in 1991, but their bodies weren’t discovered until a decade later. Most likely she will be found, but when is the question.

      1. Frog Boys

        I hadn’t heard of that case, so I looked it up. Heartbreaking for those families. A sixth boy survived because he was hungry and went home rather than go with the group.

    3. Dana

      There were info about finding missing children in various states recently. Just pray that Linda is among them.