Amish scooters

Amish scooter

Lined up in a bicycle rack in front of a barn at an Amish farm is a row of scooters in various sizes and colors–red, blue, and green.  Around four o’clock in the afternoon, Simon Bontrager went looking for his five-year-old son, Reuben, finding him high up in a tree house perched over a stream.  Simon cupped his mouth to holler up the tree, “Hey, Rube! Come on down.  We gotta make a run to the village store for Mom.  She’s missing an ingredient for her dessert.”

Reuben popped his head over the edge of the tree house and peered down at his father.  “What for?” he asked.


Reuben’s eyes went wide. “Apfelschnitz?”

Simon nodded, grinning as his son scrambled down the tree as agile as a monkey.  Simon unbuckled his leather work belt, full of tools, and hung it on a hook in the barn.  Reuben hurried to pull his father’s large red scooter from the rack.  Simon grabbed the handle and held it steady as Reuben stepped up on the narrow platform.  Simon hopped on and pushed off with one leg, and the two of them practically flew down the hill to the store.

…”Our fathers and forefathers thought the bicycles were too modern,” explained Simon.  “They knew it would be too easy to get too far from home.”… (from Amish Peace)

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