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Amish Roofing INAmish communities cover Indiana from north to south across the state. Indiana Amish roofing companies providing services such as new roofing, shingle repair, roof replacement, metal roofing and more can be found in many Hoosier settlements.  Use the listings below to locate an Amish roofer near you.

Below you’ll find some of the Amish roofing contractors in Indiana.  Many of these companies are Amish-owned and run; some may be non-Amish owned but employ Amish workers. Some Amish-owned companies maintain websites with assistance from non-Amish parties. Please contact businesses directly for most current information.  To add your business to this list, please send an email with business address, contact, and 2-4 lines describing your roofing and other services.  For other Amish roof repair contractors, check the Amish roofing main page.


The Indianapolis-area Amish settlement at Milroy (Rush County) is home to a number of Amish construction companies.  Amish from other communities including near Fort Wayne also do work in the greater Indianapolis area (see Fort Wayne Amish roofer listings).

Amish Builders
897 South Old 3
Rushville, IN 46173
(877) 815-3841
Provides roofing services in addition to building pole barns, garages, and doing siding work. Old barn repair, fencing, porches, decks, carports, and remodeling work.

Amish Metal Roofing
409 North Pershing Drive
Muncie In, IN 47305
(765) 729-0930


The Allen County (Grabill) Amish community lies just outside the municipal limits of Fort Wayne.  The construction industry is big here, with many Amish contractors making their homes in this settlement.  Amish roofers from this community do work in the Fort Wayne area as well as in other cities and regions, including into Ohio and parts of Indianapolis.

S&L Construction
18521 Bishop Rd
Spencerville IN 46788
Amish-owned contractor specializing in new roofs, re-roofing, remodeling, additions, outdoor structures such as pergolas, pole buildings, garages, barns and decks; also does concrete work.  Coverage areas include Fort Wayne, Central Indiana, northeast Indianapolis, Auburn, and NW Ohio.

Amish Roofing Contractors
New Haven, IN
(260) 414-4296‎
Amish Roofing Contractors has been in operation for over 3 decades, specializing in roof work in the New Haven area. This company provide service including new roof installation and roof repair, including post-hurricane reconstruction and minor jobs.  Fully licensed and insured.

Amish Brothers Enterprises
18027 McNabb Rd
Spencerville, IN 46788-9443
Phone: (260) 415-7014
Fax: (260) 244-2975

Amish Roofing Contractors
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

SJS Construction
11711 Notestine Road
Grabill, IN 46741
SJS offers services including roofing, siding, pole barn construction, home additions, renovations, and new home construction, as well as concrete work including decorative concrete and stamped concrete.  Provides roofing services to Fort Wayne, New Haven, Georgetown, Cedarville, Auburn, Grabill, and adjacent areas within Indiana.

Amish Roof Contractors Indiana
Amish roof contractors provide services throughout Indiana


The largest Amish presence in Indiana is found in Elkhart and Lagrange counties, with another sizable settlement a stone’s throw away around the town of Nappanee.  Amish roofers in this community do work in Indiana cities as well as in southern Michigan.  Amish typically travel up to a 2-hour’s drive from their home settlements for work (and sometimes further, if staying overnight).

Pine Ridge Roofing
3435 E 100N
Lagrange IN 46761
(260) 499-4485
Amish-owned business specializing in metal roofs but doing other construction as well, including re-roofing, roof repair, windows, sheds, leak repair. Free estimates.

View our full list of Amish roofers in northern Indiana (10 total).


Amish have a significant presence in southern Indiana, with communities in Orange, Switzerland, and Washington counties.  However the largest Amish community in this part of the state is found in Daviess County (Odon-Montgomery area), home to over 3000 Amish and numerous building companies, including Amish roofers.  Amish from the Daviess County settlement service cities and regions including Bloomington, Evansville, southern Indiana, and the greater Louisville, Kentucky area.

Amish Building
112 Coronado Dr.
Washington, IN 47501
(812) 698-9554
Amish Building offers professional building services provided by Amish craftsmen. They do roofing work (commercial and residential full service), window installation, remodeling, additions and more.  Located in the southern Indiana Daviess County community, this company provides building services across the Midwest U.S. region as well.

Why choose an Amish roofer?

Indiana homeowners have found Amish roofers to be a good choice for a number of reasons.  Amish roofing contractors generally enjoy a good reputation for work done well, and in a timely manner.  Amish roofers are also generally competitively priced.  You may want to check that your roofer is insured and licensed as not all Amish roofers necessarily carry insurance.

Amish roofers are generally able to work on-site using power tools as any other roofer would (the well-known Amish prohibition of public electricity mainly focuses on the home).  Amish crews are often driven by non-Amish employees who provide a work vehicle or operate one leased by the Amish company.

In other cases, the roofing company itself is owned by a non-Amish person, who simply employs Amish workers.  As Indiana is home to America’s third-greatest Amish population, Indiana residents also have the advantage of proximity in being able to find an Amish roofing provider within a reasonable distance of home.  Read more on the Amish in Indiana.

Amish roofer photos: WCN 24/7/flickr

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    1. Phil Morris

      barn roof - metal

      The barn that was wind damaged is located in New Palestine, IN.
      I was wondering if that is close enough for one of you to come and
      give me an estimate. The barn is steep and high and there is minimal damage; I would like to use the old sheets…the barn is
      NOT insured.

      1. Phil I would recommend contacting someone from this list yourself. This is a directory of Amish roofing businesses, not the website for any one particular business. It’s possible they may see your message and contact you, but for best results try to get in touch yourself. Good luck!


      Im looking for contractors or individuals looking to add to or start your own buisness doing commercial roof restoration. Low start up cost with HIGH PROFIT MARGINS call me any time at 814 229 6218 thanks

      1. daryl schmidt

        abandonded dad looking for work

        33 years old been doing food and transportation services for 10 years.10 years expierience as construction laborer prior to swithcing careers.looking to find work for winter and learn to provide for others.willing to travel thank you

    3. Misty Lloyd


      I am looking for someone to build our deck.
      We have some (quite a bit) of douglas fir we were hoping to use only thing is all all tongue and groove.
      I bought it for a remodel of our stairs and floor for inside the house and have a bunch left over.
      We live in St Joseph, Mi.

    4. Rick Pohl

      barn roof

      Looking for someone to paint and fix leaks on a 100 pluse year old barn. Very steep roof. Haubstadt Indiana area. Need somebody that’s going to do a good job.

    5. Bob Schaeffler

      Repair eaves/roof on 100 yr. old barn

      Ì have a 100 year old barn that has the eaves, that reach to the pinnacle of the roof, dry rotted. I’m trying to bat proof this barn but the eaves are so dry rotted that the bats simply squeeze out between the metal roof and the eaves. The roof made need some repair. Would like to get an estimate on the repair costs. Thank you, Bob

    6. Vivian


      Looking for an amish company to put metal roof on home in Crown Point, Indiana. Let me know if you come this far north. Thank you

    7. Michael Howard

      Barrel barn Vault Truss?

      Hello. I need help finding some one who has knowledge and experience with Barrel Barn Truss repair. This isn’t your normal Truss. Its a wish bone construction, on site built, laminate style truss system. No cords. I am not even sure what to call it. Barrel Vault Truss maybe but the entire truss is vaulted and gives the barrel its shape. I have many pictures if I could have an email to send them to. We can do the roof, we need someone to make the trusses. The customer’s dad built this Barn in the 1940’s and a tree fell on it. He said that 11 years ago an Amish roofer restored the barn, remade the trusses. He believes he is no longer around and can not be found. Please help with any information.
      Thank you kindly
      Michael Howard

    8. Bob Alumbaugh

      Looking for Professional to Help Preserve

      I am a home owner in Franklin. I have an oak tree that I need to remove but want to use the good wood in the base to allow a professional help us decide on furniture to be made from said tree. The arborist has agreed to leave as much of trunk should it be worthy.

      Can you direct me in any contact or group of professionals that might be interested in working with me. My time line is end of July 2015.

      1. kat

        maybe a carving of a furntiutre

        i live n indiana and if you have aplace for me to stay i can come carve any furniture you want contact me for pricing 260-573-3860

    9. rodney butler

      about Amish roofers

      remember the old saying you get what you pay for ,we had a 100 by 40 stable barn built , amish gave us a price on block laid then the roof top part of barn , the barn would have been beautiful if it had not of leaked water running down threw upper part of the barn, this was a lumber crew out of lagrange of which they have gone out of business , just because their AMISH doesn’t make them good contractors, the block the first crew was putting up my husband had to fire once they got to 5 feet their course was off , and the grout line were deep ,could not even paint them they we so deep , then the place they cut the siding was in two separate sheets we had to make them recut then they tried to pass the expense back on us, Amsh think english are rich and charge to much they are not insured and get ready to pay out of pocket expense es buyer beware

    10. Amish Roofers – Indiana

      That is why when it is damaged you, your things, and your entire home are highly
      compromised. As such, the first thing to do in the case
      of loose or separated edges is to figure out if the problem is a set of loose nails.
      In many cases, the repairs can be relatively inexpensive.

    11. Robin Shull

      Covered porch/deck and sliding door change to double door

      My husband and I are looking to build a covered porch/deck and also change sliding door into a double door. Possibly include electric hook up. Please send pictures if you have any of your work. We would like to get possible quote. We’d like to get started soon before winter. We are in Columbus, Indiana. Thank you kindly. Robin & Scott Shull

    12. Metal roof

      Please have someone call me to schedule an estimate on a metal roof

    13. todd ryden

      Looking for a metal roofing company for indianapolis

    14. Bernie McClure

      Williamsport IN

      Looking for a roofing estimate to have trusses added to front of house and replace shingles with a metal roof.

    15. Megan Lyall

      Roof Replacement

      I am looking for someone that can give me an estimate for replace the existing roof and a couple of the boards the shingles are attached to. I am looking at having the work done ASAP as we have 3 leaks as it is.
      16×80 mobile home in New Castle, Indiana.

      Thank you,
      Megan Lyall

    16. Jason

      Roof replacement in Jeffersonville

      I am looking to get a total roof and gutter replacement estimate in Jeffersonville.

    17. Jutta Waddell


      Wanted to put a metal roof on my house,have shingles on right now .need whole house plus garage done.I am in crawfordsville,Indiana,would like to get a free estimate,thank you jutta Waddell

    18. Kathy A Thralls


      I have a 16′ x 70′ mobile home in Mitchell, IN, that I need a price to install a metal roof (I have the materials). Also, I would like an estimate to have a deck built on the front of the mobile home. If you are in my area, I will be happy to give you the address so you can give me an estimate. Thanks! Kat

    19. Dale Johnson

      I need a shingle replacement on my roof. Take off the existing shingles and put on new ones.
      Dale Johnson
      765 238 1029

    20. References/Reviews for "Amish Roofers"

      Any info for “Amish Roofers” as appears in your classifieds?

    21. Eric Neal

      Need Quote

      I have a small commercial property at the address: 8030 Goeller Blvd, Columbus, IN that I wanted to get a quick quote to install a metal roof. All the panels are on site, as well as ridge vents, edging and fasteners. Roof is a 4/12 pitch one story about 2000 SF. Please call 812-350-0452 for more details and confirmation of your interest.

    22. Adele

      Historical Barn repair

      I’m looking for someone that has knowledge to repair a stale roof on a barn from 1893.

    23. Adele

      Historical Barn repair

      The earlier comment should say SLATE barn roof repair.