Revell has kindly provided me with a couple of extra copies of Suzanne Woods Fisher’s Amish Peace.  I’d love to share them, so I’ve come up with two simple and easy contests for Amish America subscribers.


Step 1: not a subscriber?  It’s easy-just input your data by either clicking the feed reader orange Amish Peace Fisher button at the top right of the blog, or using the email subscription box below it.

Subscribing is free, and simply means that you’ll be sent a notification when new posts appear on Amish America-nothing more than that, but will let you keep informed when new posts go up.

Step 2: Get one friend who enjoys reading about the Amish to subscribe to Amish America as well, then send me an email saying that you did so to the contest email account,

This can be that cousin from Ohio, your spouse who always reads the posts over your shoulder, work buddy, one of the kids at college, etc.  Honor system, you just need to say you’ve done it, and you’re entered.

And that’s it!  The winner will be selected randomly from the submissions, and your book will be mailed out asap.

CONTEST 2: a bonus chance to win

Step 1: see Step 1 above.

Step 2: Same as Step 2 above, except this is a numbers contest-the reader who signs up the most new subscribers wins.  Send in your total figure to  Sending in more than one subscriber automatically enters you in both contests.

Again, this can be family, Facebook friends, anyone that you think may have an interest in reading about the Amish.  Just ask them to subscribe, confirm they did so, and email the total number-honor system again-and the winner’s copy of Amish Peace is in the mail, postage paid.

The giveaway contest begins today, Tuesday October 6th, and will run for one week, until the end of the day Pacific time, Tuesday October 13th.

Amish Peace is a really enjoyable read, and this is a pretty easy shot at a free book.  Here’s another excerpt:

Norman Erb, an Old Order Amish bishop, is a bear of a man with a thundering voice, sparkling black eyes, a grey-flecked beard, and rather longish hair for an Amish man.  The image of Moses springs to mind: perched on the top of Mount Sinai, staff in one hand, stone tablets in another.

Like Moses, Norman often feels the need to remind his church members to take God’s commandments seriously.  Norman is particularly sensitive to careless words getting tossed around.  “Folks don’t take their words seriously enough,” Norman explains, leaning back in his chair.  “Book of Proverbs says, ‘In the multitude of words there wanteth not a sin: but he that refraineth his lips is wise.'”  Wagging a finger in the air for emphasis, he adds, “Words are serious things!”

Norman likes to use stories to make an impact on church members.  One of his favorites, he says, is to hit people with this old yarn:

A deacon had to make a visit to a woman in his district who was known for her gossip.  So he handed her a bag of feathers and told her to drop a few on the kitchen door of everyone in our church.  So she did.  Then she brought back the empty bag and handed it to the deacon.  The deacon told her, “Now go and get all the feathers collected again.”

“What?  How can I possibly do that?” she asked.  “The wind has blown those feathers every which way!”

“That’s very true,” the deacon said.  “And the very same thing has happened with your words.”…


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