One distinguishing characteristic of the Pinecraft Amish community in Florida is that it attracts Amish from a range of backgrounds, many of whom are seasonal visitors.

Because of this, Amish at Pinecraft are likely to follow differing guidelines for daily living (or at least do so while in their home communities).

These guidelines, which take in everything from technology used to style of clothing, are known as Ordnung.

Since the mish-mash of Amish who comprise the Pinecraft community hail from many different places, one may see a wide variety of dress, for instance.

One obvious example would be the varying kapps (head coverings) of Amish women indicating their origins in places like Lancaster County or Midwestern communities.

The Ordnung

There are over 1800 Amish church districts across North America.  Each has its own individual Ordnung, which may differ little, or greatly, from that of neighboring districts.  Respecting the Ordnung is considered key to maintaining the integrity of the Amish church, and to preserving values of humility and community.

How is the Ordnung created? What happens when members violate the Ordnung?  Does a church’s Ordnung ever change?  Read more on these questions and others in this Amish Online Encyclopedia entry on the Ordnung.

Photo credits: Lancaster covering- Joe Shlabotnik; Midwest style covering- daned

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