amish transportation

Do all Amish use the Slow Moving Vehicle (SMV) triangle?-Reasons for the SMV triangle, why some Amish object to the SMV triangle, court cases and compromises over buggy safety

What colors are Amish buggies?-Amish groups which drive black, gray, brown, white, and yellow buggies, as well as the open-top buggies of the Swiss Amish

Why do the Amish drive buggies?-Practical and symbolic reasons for the buggy, Amish attitudes towards cars, Amish usage of automobile transportation

Can Amish fly?-Reasons Amish object to air travel; which affiliation of Amish does allow flying; flying in emergencies

How do Amish travel?-Describes the various means of travel used by Amish, including the horse-and-buggy, automobile, bus, train, bicycle, and so forth


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