amish technology

Do Amish use electricity?-Why Amish avoid public power; what Amish use electricity for; how Amish generate power; how Amish light homes and keep food cold; use of power in Amish businesses; buggy lighting

Do Amish use guns?-Amish beliefs of non-resistance; Amish use of guns in hunting and pest control

Do Amish use technology?-Amish selective use of technology; the Ordnung and technology; usage vs. ownership; technologies used by Amish; how Amish regulate the pace of change

Do the Amish use computers and the internet?-Amish exposure to and usage of computers and the internet in non-Amish workplaces, through cell phones, etc; ownership vs. usage; third-party help for online advertising; the Plain word processor “Classic”

Do Amish use telephones?-Why Amish forbid telephones in the home; history of Amish and telephones; telephone shanty; telephones in businesses and barns; Amish and the cell phone


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