amish volleyball

Do Amish hunt?-reasons Amish enjoy hunting; where and what Amish hunt; disagreement among Amish over hunting

Do Amish go on vacation?-Discussion of vacation activities favored by Amish, including visits to relatives, historical sites, Pinecraft in Florida, as well as hunting and fishing trips

What do Amish do for fun?-Recreational activities common among Amish, including visiting, hunting, fishing, birdwatching, sports, board and card games, reading

Do Amish enjoy music and singing?-The Amish experience with song and music, including church songs, songs in school, youth singings, musical instruments, and pop music

Do Amish play sports?-Amish views on sports, and descriptions of the various sports Amish play, including softball, volleyball, basketball, hockey, cornerball, and others; Amish as sports spectators


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