where amish live


see Non-Resistance

Pen Pal

How can I find an Amish pen-pal?-Discussion of ways to connect and correspond with an Amish person

Pennsylvania Dutch


What do Amish think about photography?-Amish opinions on photography; posed vs. unposed photos; ways photographers make photos of the Amish; children and photography; tourist photos


Do Amish vote?-Amish political participation; voting rates among Amish; campaigning in Amish areas by George W. Bush


How are Amish communities organized?-discussion of differences in meaning between Amish settlements, affiliations, and church districts

How fast are the Amish growing?-rate of growth of the Amish population in North America; reasons for high growth; challenges to growth and expansion

Where do the Amish live?-Main areas of settlement of Amish in the USA and Canada; Amish migration

Puppy Mills

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