amish marriage


When do Amish get married?-typical age at marriage; requirements for being married; Amish views on remarriage

What is an Amish wedding like?


see Health


What’s the difference between Amish and Mennonites?-Diversity in the Amish and Mennonite world; similarities with Old Order Mennonites; Amish cooperation with Mennonites; “higher” Mennonite churches

Who are the Old Colony Mennonites?

Who are the Old Order (Team) Mennonites?

Military Service

see Non-Resistance



Do Amish use banks?-Amish use of checking, loans, and banks

Do the Amish use money?-Amish use of banks, checks, and credit cards

How do Amish make money?-Discussion of Amish occupations, including farm and factory work, and small business

see also Business; Taxes


see Song and Singing


What are common myths about the Amish?-Discussion of various misconceptions of the Amish, such as the blue gate myth, marriage between cousins, multiple wives, organic food, technology as evil


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