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Do Amish visit doctors?-Amish approach to medical care; Amish and medical insurance; relationship with medical professionals; long-distance travel for medical care; traditional remedies among Amish

Do Amish have genetic disorders?-Types of genetic diseases seen in Amish and Mennonite populations; reasons for hereditary diseases; treatment for genetic disorders

see also Vaccination; Children


What holidays do Amish celebrate?-Religious and secular holidays celebrated by Amish; Amish employers adapting holiday schedule for non-Amish employees


How do Amish heat their homes?-Use of gas, coal, and wood stoves and ovens to heat Amish homes

How do Amish wash clothes?-Use of wringer washers; how Amish power wringer washers; drying clothing

What are Amish homes like?

Where do Amish go shopping?-Discussion of various venues Amish shop, including dry goods and salvage stores; Wal-Mart and other supermarkets; Spector’s; auctions; mail-order


Do Amish hunt?-reasons Amish enjoy hunting; where and what Amish hunt; disagreement among Amish over hunting

see also Firearms


Who are the Hutterites?


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  1. Gord McDiarmid


    In Manitoba the Mennonites are in significant discussion on the issue of accepting rather than shunning the homosexual members of their community. How do the Amish handle homosexual members of their community?