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When do Amish get baptized?-Discusses age at baptism, reasons for adult baptism among Amish, reasons that Amish youth choose to join the church, what the Amish baptismal ceremony is like, and typical youth retention rates

Which Bible do the Amish use?-German and English versions of the Bible used by Amish, other Amish books and reading materials such as songbooks, religious and secular reading

What is Amish church like?-Description of the typical Amish church service; reasons why Amish hold church in the home; preparation for church; singing and preaching in church; the fellowship meal; Amish communion service

What happens at an Amish communion service?

Who leads the Amish church?-Description of the roles and duties of the Amish bishop, minister, and deacon; how Amish ministers are chosen; Raber’s Almanac

What is an Amish funeral like?-Amish beliefs on death; preparing the body; visiting; description of the funeral service; the Amish cemetery and burial

Where do Amish bury their dead?-Descriptin of Amish cemeteries, gravestones, and caskets

What language do the Amish speak?-Amish use of Pennsylvania German; Swiss Amish dialect; use of High German in church; Amish use of English

What is an Amish wedding like?

What is the Amish Ordnung?-What the Ordnung prohibits and prescribes; purpose of the Ordnung; how the Ordnung is created and changes; violating the Ordnung

Why do the Amish practice shunning?-Reasons for Amish practice of shunning; Scriptural support for social avoidance; how long shunning lasts; differences in strong and mild shunning; other groups that practice shunning; criticisms of shunning

What songs do Amish sing in church?

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