amish child


Do Amish use birth control?-Amish attitudes to family planning; Amish use of birth control

How do Amish discipline children?-Why Amish believe in disciplining children; discipline in schools; behavior of Amish children

How many children do Amish have?-Typical Amish family sizes; family sizes among different Amish groups

Where are Amish babies born?-Amish births in hospitals, birthing centers and at home; reasons for some Amish preferring home birth; controversy concerning home birth


What is Amish church like?-Descritption of the typical Amish church service; reasons why Amish hold church in the home; preparation for church; singing and preaching in church; the fellowship meal; Amish communion service

What happens at an Amish communion service?

Who leads the Amish church?-Description of the roles and duties of the Amish bishop, minister, and deacon; how Amish ministers are chosen; Raber’s Almanac

see also Baptism; Bible


Why do the Amish wear Plain clothing?-Outlines various reasons for Plain dress, including modesty, simplicity, and Scriptural reasons; groups such as Mennonites and Hutterites who also dress Plain


see Technology


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