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What happens at an Amish barn-raising?–The barn-raising as an example of Amish mutual aid, how a barn-raising is organized, and examples of other communal work projects among Amish

Do Amish use birth control?-Amish attitudes to family planning; Amish use of birth control

Why do the Amish wear Plain clothing?-Outlines various reasons for Plain dress, including modesty, simplicity, and Scriptural reasons; groups such as Mennonites and Hutterites who also dress Plain

Can Amish get divorced?-Amish beliefs on divorce, separation, and remarriage

Why do Amish only go to school until 8th grade?-Reasons for limited Amish formal education; description of the Amish schoolhouse; teachers and their qualifications; the school day; historical conflict over Amish schooling; Amish learning after 8th grade

What holidays do Amish celebrate?-Religious and secular holidays celebrated by Amish; Amish employers adapting holiday schedule for non-Amish employees

Why do Amish object to insurance programs?

Why don’t Amish sue?-Discussion of Amish Two Kingdoms doctrine; Amish involvement in legal cases; controversy over reporting crimes

Why don’t Amish serve in the military?-Amish nonresistance beliefs; Two Kingdoms doctrine; historical example of Amish non-resistance; Amish at war time; National Steering Committee and alternative service for Amish

What do Amish think about photography?-Amish opinions on photography; posed vs. unposed photos; ways photographers make photos of the Amish; children and photography; tourist photos

Do Amish vote?-Amish political participation; voting rates among Amish; campaigning in Amish areas by George W. Bush

What do Amish think about other religions?-Amish attitudes and opinions on other Christian as well as non-Christian denominations

What do the Amish believe?

What is the Dordrecht Confession?

What is the Amish Steering Committee?

Do Amish vaccinate their children?-Discusses rate of vaccination among Amish, and reasons for generally lower levels of vaccination

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