Pinecraft is Florida’s cozy Plain district – a Sarasota-area neighborhood where Amish and Mennonites go to keep their Vitamin D levels up in the chilly months. The community has existed since 1927, and is unique among Amish settlements in several ways.

In addition to the seasonal visitors, who can number in the thousands, there is a small number of year-round residents, making this a permanent community and not just a seasonal vacation spot (in fact, having long been a single church in size, the area’s permanent residents are now slotted into two separate church districts).

For a great look at Plain life in the Sunshine State, check out Dinah Litovsky‘s just-published photo essay for the Guardian, with shots taken over several visits to the community.

The stern looks on the faces of the chess-playing men above notwithstanding, usually when you see photos of folks in Pinecraft, it looks like they are having a nice time. And to that end, Dinah says of her collection that “I hope there are layers to it, and one of them is humour.”

Here are a few more photos from Dinah’s collection; you can find the rest here along with her story of photographing the community.

For more on the Pinecraft settlement, find our community guide here, or see my post and photos from a 2013 visit to Pinecraft.

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