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In an unusual appearance for an Amishman, Amos Miller, whose Lancaster County farm was featured last week in a BusinessWeek profile, has done an interview for a Portland, Oregon radio station.

The interview is interesting on a number of levels:  the business philosophies shared by Amos (“bigger business is not always better”, “we’re really losing knowledge of how to do things”) the discussion of small farming and the food we eat, and of course, the fact that an Amishman–even a business owner–took the uncommon step of appearing on a radio program.  I imagine the fact that it took place well away from Amish ears, on the West Coast, may have made it easier for Amos to do.

Beyond 50 host Daniel Davis seems to sympathize with the idea that technology can cause a disconnect in relationships.  Among other things, Amos discusses how Amish maintain relationships without the help of Facebook, and also explains Amish limits on technology: “I can’t imagine having the telephone ring while you’re eating a good meal.”

On visiting the city: “I’m glad when I’m there, but I’m really glad when I can get back out.”

Amos teams with Sally Fallon of the Weston A. Price Foundation, who helps promote his and other small farms, on the interview.

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