Amish: no on Halloween, lukewarm on Daylight Savings

Amish do not participate in Halloween, and many are not too keen on Daylight Savings Time either.  When attending church in Lancaster in the summer for example, Amish may refer to the 8 o'clock 'slow time' church start time, in other words, 9 am on DST.  Church begins at the same time, the whole year round, regardless of what the clock says. 

Earlier in the year I posted on Daylight Savings and Indiana Amish and some of the issues Amish in Elkhart and Lagrange counties had with DST.  By the way, if you haven't already, remember to knock your clocks back an hour today. 

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    1. julia


      I differ with you on the Halloween. We have a day of Halloween Festivities in October at a campground where we go. They may not participate in all the activities and they do not dress in costume, but they do partake in trick or treat.

    2. Tina

      halloween celebration

      Yeah julia is right i have seen amish where i live buy halloween candy, also decorations, maybe to be nice to english tricker treaters.