Amish in Montana

amish in montanaIt doesn’t get much more distant than Montana when it comes to the Amish.

But distance hasn’t discouraged a few adventurous Amish souls from settling the 41st state.  Today Montana is home to 5 Amish communities.

Read more about the Montana Amish, their annual auctions, and–perhaps–the only Amish postmaster ever, in today’s State Guide entry on Montana Amish.

Special thanks to James Anderson for providing the great photos for this entry.  I’ve been in log cabin homes owned by Amish, but this was the first time I’d ever seen an Amish log school.

Montana Amish have become known for log furniture, one of a number of industries they have taken up. Read more on Montana Amish furniture.

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    1. Richard

      Montana big and vast, with so much beautiful land just perfect i think for these hardy Amish settlers. Richard from Lebanon county’s Amish settlement.

    2. Robin Wyatt

      If I was to become Amish or Mennonite, Montana would be the place I would go. I hate the heat so the south would be OUT! It does have beautiful sights and refreshing air.

    3. Richard

      Im with you on that Robin. Id get a log cabin of my own with a stone fire place. But im really very happy where im at to be honest,this is my slice of heaven over in the Lancaster area. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon county.

    4. Katie Troyer

      The post office in PInecraft Florida is owned and operated by the Amish. Some years ago the postal system was wanting to close this post office and so instead the Amish bought it.

    5. Postmaster

      Ah, that’s right Katie, of course. Leave it to Pinecraft to do things a little differently 🙂

      But do you happen to know if anyone at Pinecraft holds the title “postmaster” or something similar?

      From what I understand a lot of post office buildings in the US are actually privately owned, but leased to the government. They are then staffed with postal workers and operated by the gov’t.

      However the Pinecraft P.O. has always puzzled me. Are the Amish who operate it actually postal (government) workers? Or is it a looser arrangement (ie Amish loophole 😉 )?

    6. Lowell

      radon mines

      I understand that many Amish will visit Montana for the purpose of sitting in the Radon mines. I spoke to a Kalona Amishman who indicated he takes the train to Montana 1-2x a year to sit in the radon mines and found to be very helpful for his chronic pain.

      Another Amish story; While fishing in West Kootinai I asked one of the locals how they were getting along with the Amish in Rexford. He indicated they were getting along well. He indicated that he thinks they are very poor. I asked why. He said that whenever he hauls them somewhere they pile lots of people in his vehicle. I smiled and didn’t respond, knowing that in most Amish communities that is the trend until drivers started to charge by the head .:)


    7. OldKat

      The first story is interesting, Lowell. The second is interesting AND funny!

    8. Request for direction w/ad placement

      We have an immediate opening for a ranch hand/wrangler position on our ranch that we would like to offer to the Montana Amish Communities. We are searching for a specific contact to the Montana Community, or a means to place our ad for this position before them. Please advise? Thank you.

    9. Melanie Powell

      Joining Beachy Amish

      I am very interested in joining a Beachy Amish group. I was raised in the south, have spent much of the last 8 years in the Pacific Northwest, and am moving to Montana in 3 weeks. I am very old-fashioned and have been since birth. My mother used to have to fight to get me into jeans as a girl, because I have always wanted to wear dresses. Modest dresses. I have some ladies in Pennsylvania who make my dresses for me now. I am very conservative and find a hard time fitting into today’s modern world. I also have a medical condition called Epilepsy. I am 43, and when I was 27-28 years old (1996) I had brain surgery to stop my seizures. I went from having 40-50 seizures a week to going as long as 7 years without any. But because I was nearly 30 before I held a full-time job, and have limited job experience, I struggle to survive in the world we now live in. I have a son, now 20, who is grown and no other children. Long story short, my first husband abandoned me , before my surgery was done, with a 7 1/2 month old and I raised him alone with my parents help. I remarried, briefly when my son was about 10, but the man hit me in front of my son and was abusive. He died 4 years later. I divorced him after 1 year. *I’m sorry, but I have seen much abuse where I come from and refuse to stay in such an environment. I have always been “different” from the majority of the world in how I dressed, behaved,and stuck to moral principals. I am not perfect, but I am a believer. I was saved at age 8 and baptized twice actually…I wanted to rededicate my life at 17. I am a simple person but not stupid and seek a simple life, out of the chaos of the world. Any hope that I might be accepted in a New Order (Beachy) community?


      1. Linda

        Melanie, maybe you could inquire with the New Order Amish in St. Ignatius, Montana, or with Gold Creek Christian Fellowship in Gold Creek, Montana. Gold Creek is affiliated with the Mennonite Christian Fellowship congregations, also known as the Fellowship churches, which are like a strict or conservative Beachy Amish church. THE BUDGET newspaper also lists a plain Mennonite group in Fairfield, Montana. Or you could visit the Beachy Amish-Mennonite website,

        1. Melanie Powell
    10. Richard Walker

      Looking for Maquota Iowa family

      Amish family and 8 other families moved from Maquota,Iowa to an area near Ashville approximately 7 years ago. JOHN and his brother used to assist removing old wooden buildings at the former Savanna Army Depot in Illinois.
      I cannot remember their family name.
      His sister was teaching at their local school.

      I would really like to talk with him again.
      My email address is

      Richard Walker