Amish & Mennonites Host Christmas Dinner For People In Need

From WKBN:

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Christmas time may be over, but one group is still in the Christmas spirit.

Members of the Amish and Mennonite community hosted a Christmas dinner for those in need on Saturday.

They reached out to the Salvation Army in Warren for a space to do it.

The Christmas on my Mind event featured a dinner, music, a Christmas play and a storyteller.

Attendees also received a surprise gift. A brief video report:

They do not say how many attended, but in one shot we see seating for many dozens of people.

The specific community responsible is not mentioned, but the Geauga County settlement is near Warren.

We fairly often see Amish doing different types of outreach to the non-Amish community.

Another would be singing at assisted living homes. Organized groups can meat for donation. On a larger scale, Amish and Mennonites frequently help clean and rebuild in disaster areas.

A nice story to see. The holidays or at least the holiday spirit doesn’t need to end after December 25th.

I’ll close with a nice quote from D. Rose Elder’s Why the Amish Sing. “We are the light of the world,” an Amish person tells author, referencing Jesus’ words in the Gospel of Matthew. “All Christians should live the godly life and testify by their ‘walk.'”

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    1. Feeding the needy

      That’s what God is all about: Love, kindness, generosity, and compassion. Helping the needy. All that other stuff: Believing one’s religion is the true one,(such arrogance on the part of anyone who believes that!) shunning those who choose to leave, refusing to mix with those who are different for fear of losing one’s convictions, ego…all silliness. If everyone would respect everyone’s right to be, the world would be a much better place!

      1. Bill Rushby

        Thanks for not judging those who disagree with you!!!

    2. Stephanie Berkey

      This is lovely news; thank you for sharing it. I wish I could’ve been there! It sounds fun 😀

    3. Nancy Stadtmuller

      Christmas Dinner

      Thank you so much for all the love that you show.It really makes my heart feel good when I see the love you share. I did Thanksgiving dinner a few years ago for the homeless. I love helping people. I just want the love of my Lord Jesus to shine thur me.God Bless each and everyone.we dont know each other but I love you with the love of the lord God Bless.