One writer’s thoughts on the benefits of an Amish school education.

The Amish media onslaught continues.  Lately Amish families have showed up on the too-many-kids-to-count reality shows.  I don’t watch them, but I happened to catch pieces of the ’18-kids-and-counting’ Amish appearance (no longer online) last week.  The 18 kids family took their busload to visit Noah and Mary Yoder in Holmes County, Ohio.  Noah and co, described in the show as a New Order Amish family, didn’t have a problem showing up on camera, giving a tour, and commenting on the 18 kids’ family ‘carriage’.  Now it looks like Amish have appeared on the other show (no longer online).  Did the Bradys ever do an episode?

Another writer describes visiting Amish in Lancaster on a specially arranged tour (no longer online).  Two Amish, a farmer and ex-farmer, describe the challenges of the milk business.

One author’s experience living among Hutterites (no longer online).  Hutterites are spiritual kin of the Amish, living mainly in Canada and the upper Midwest.

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