Amish Life: Shipshewana (Video)

In this video I put a collection of Don Burke’s fine photos taken in and around Shipshewana, Indiana, to music. These “Amish Life” series videos are fun to do as they are a bit different than my usual ones – being primarily about the images and finding a nice tune. I hope you like the one I chose, along with Don’s photos as a top-notch accompaniment. Runtime: 3:23.


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    1. Richard J. Traunero

      Very nice

      Very nice photos and music. I hope the fellow driving the utility trailer at the 0:27 mark isn’t asleep at the reins! If he is, I suppose the horse knows where to go!

      1. Good catch Richard – I took it as he was just looking down, but anyway you’re right I would think he is using a trusty horse!

    2. Carol Lukaszewicz

      Very nice video! Enjoy Don Burke’s pics. Love the music, too.
      Thanks for doing this. Blessings!