Amish leisure activities

Well, it’s Thursday morning, and chances are you may already be thinking about the weekend.

There was a time, when most Amish were on the farm, when what you did on Saturday didn’t differ in a terribly meaningful way than what you did on Monday.

Cows still needed to be milked, fences could still use mending, and manure could be spread just as well (though you might take a little time off every now and then for an auction).

With more Amish working in factories and running 9-5 businesses, the idea of the “weekend” has taken on new meaning (though I still don’t think the term “Amish Weekend Warrior” quite fits).

What do Amish do in their spare time?

Amish have fun in ways similar to non-Amish, and in ways we might consider less typical.

Leisure among Amish often includes a few elements: community, the outdoors, and–as it happens–work.

I took a minute to think of three of my favorite recreational activites when I’m with Amish friends.  I came up with: 1) volleyball, 2) visiting/talking/eating (the 3 of these always seem to go together) and 3) “Scum”.

I wrote an article on these and other Amish leisure activities.  Have a look and maybe find a new (or old) idea for this weekend.

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    1. Karen Pollard

      What the heck is “Scum?” LOL

    2. Do Amish hunt? I know of one man who lives in neighboring Holmes County, OH and has asked permission to hunt on our land, which is in Knox County. He hunts white-tail deer during muzzleloader season in January.

    3. Hey Karen, it is actually a card game; I discuss it a bit if you follow the Amish leisure link 😉 funny name I know.

    4. Forsythia Amish actually do hunt; here is an article about that:

    5. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      I’ve never played “Scum”, but I remember playing Uno when I was a kid. It brings back fond memories for me. On a side note, this spring I bought a homemade yoyo from a living history toy dealer. Any Amish kids have something like that in terms of playing, that you’ve noticed, Erik?

      My new yoyo is pretty much useless if you want to sophisticated tricks, but its fun!

    6. HI Shom–very well could be but doesn’t come to mind right now. I don’t know that it would or wouldn’t be typical but very well possible! I couldn’t ever do much with a yo yo other than the up and down Yo Yo 101 technique.


      I have read quite a few fiction Amish books love them and the Amish way but they do play some baseball the boys do don’t they?

    8. Kerry

      Vesta, where I live in Ohio, it’s softball and volleyball, for sure. Dodgeball is popular, too. There is actually a traveling Amish girls softball team, the young girl working in the local “harness and boot” shop was very excited to tell us about their recent wins and a tournament they were going to back in September.

      There are many Swartzentruber where I live and they are frequently out playing outside in their yards, but you don’t often see them engaging in sports and things. They do hunt (most Amish here do) and go to the local wilderness center.

      On Sundays and a few summer evenings, you will find the wilderness center building and picnic shelters and trails jampacked with Amish couples and families.