Amish in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is North America’s #4 Amish state, after the “big three” of Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio.

Amish first began settling in Wisconsin in the early 20th century.

America’s “Dairy State” has been a popular destination for Amish–today, there are nearly 4 dozen Amish communities in Wisconsin.

Amish in Wisconsin facts:

  • The largest Wisconsin Amish settlement is found near the town of Cashton
  • The landmark Wisconsin v. Yoder case resulted from a local conflict over Amish school attendance
  • Clark County in central Wisconsin is home to 5 distinct Amish settlements

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  1. richard

    greetings on this chilly morning from the lancaster,pa area. i understand erik is in poland, so i hope all is well there with him. im sure he will be writing in soon to let us know how hes making out with himself.i went for a drive on fri in the lancaster countryside, there seemed to be alot of activity of amish folks that day. with the cill in the air and the leaves changing at a fast rate it was a perfect fall day. the more that i drive around the state of penn the more i realize how beautiful the state that i live in now is. i always knew how pretty it was, now im living here so its more personal to me. we ate at a amish style restaurant as well, im not sure if i can give them a plug on here, but the food was wonderful and the place is so clean with a friendly staff. i would recomend it if i know i could recommend it,lol. i truly wish i could travel to other amish communites like erik does, i admire that along with being alittle jealous, but i know it involves work as well, so its not a free ride………. enjoy your weekend everyone……. richard

  2. Barb Larkin

    Are there novels about the Amish?

  3. Christina


    There are absolutely novels about the Amish! Check out authors Beverly Lewis and Wanda Brunstetter. Books by both of these ladies can be found at Christian bookstores, Borders or Barnes and Nobles in the fiction sections. You should also be able to find them in your local library. Some other authors of novels featuring the Amish are Cindy Woodsmall, Sherry Shepard Gray, and Beth Wiseman to name a few. There are some others as well.

  4. James Voss

    Amish Barn Roofers in Wisconsin

    Are there any Amish barn roofers doing business in southern Wisconsin within about 3 miles of the west side of Madison?