Amish in Kentucky

Kentucky is an interesting state when it comes to Amish.  No Amish really located there until the late 1950s.  Today, it has the 8th-largest Amish population.

amish kentuckyDiverse Amish groups are found in Kentucky.  On one end of the spectrum are highly conservative Swartzentruber Amish.  On the other end are progressive New Order Amish.  The settlement near Munfordville in Hart County is the largest in the state, and one of the fastest-growing Amish settlements in America.

I had a chance to visit a number of Kentucky Amish communities last year.  I drew on those visits and other sources to create a new Kentucky Amish state guide entry.  I hope you enjoy it.

As in other states, Amish have opened a wide range of businesses in Kentucky, including small shops, construction firms, and woodworking operations. Read more about KY Amish woodcraft here: Amish Furniture-Kentucky.

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  1. Marilyn in New York

    Hi Eric,

    Sorry you had to go through through that all weekend. What is funny is I thought it was my computer. After calling my computer repair lady, she told me it wasn’t my computer. Hope you have a better week that you did this weekend.
    Marilyn in New York

  2. Alice Aber

    Glad to have this back up and running Erik!!

    Not sure how you could think it was your computer Marilyn,,, but glad you found out otherwise, LOL.

    Erik have a great week on your trip, wish I was going!!

    Blessings, Alice

  3. Marilyn in New York

    Hi Alice,
    I think everything that goes wrong with my computer is something I did wrong. LOL

    Where is Erik going on his trip? Hope you have a good time Erik.


  4. Alice Aber

    Hi Marilyn,

    I will let Erik make that announcement if he chooses to. He might want to keep it a secret until he gets back. And I probably said too much already, LOL.

    Marilyn, I would not worry too much about you doing something wrong on your computer until you get the dreaded blue screen that says, ‘Fatal Error” then I would worry, LOL.


  5. Nelson

    Marilyn, what part of New York are you? I know of a number of different Amish and Mennonite comunities throughout that state?

  6. Marilyn in New York

    I live in a little town between Rochester and Syracuse in Wayne County. In our county we have Amish in Clyde and Waterloo, but I haven’t been there yet. Also, the next county over in Ontario County some Amish have moved into the town of Gorham or so my Mennonite friend said. My Mennonite friend and her husband live in Gorham. In what area do you know the Amish and Mennonite? I haven’t gotten around much, but I hope to when the snow melts.

  7. Nelson

    Wintrop, Philadelphia, Jordanville,Richfield Springs, Norfolk, Prattsburg, Lyndonville,and a LOT LOT MORE,

  8. Al in Ky.

    Thanks for your information about Amish in Kentucky.
    I have lived in Ky. for 35 years and have visited
    six of the Amish settlements and have found the
    people in each settlement to be very welcoming to visitors. One of our settlements is in
    Henry County at Campbellsburg, about 35 miles from
    Louisville. An English auctioneer started a produce
    auction at Campbellsburg last year and many of the
    growers are Amish from the community. They had a
    successful first year and are making active plans
    for this year. I have been to the Hart County
    Produce Auction many times near Munfordville. I
    went to a very large consignment sale there last
    April. I think they have it every year the second
    Sat. in April. It is great — if you go, be sure
    to go early enough to eat breakfast. Another
    interesting fairly new community is at Irvington.
    There are several Amish stores right on Hwy 60 east
    of town. The owner of one store, David Miller, is
    an Amish minister and is The Budget scribe from the
    area. A very new community is at Willisburg and there is a good bulk food store and deli owned by Andrew Miller, another Amish minister and The Budget scribe from that area. Come and visit us in the Bluegrass State — you could easily visit two or more Amish settlements in one day. Kentucky is
    a beautiful state — especially in spring and fall. Hope to see you here in Ky.!

  9. Marilyn in New York

    Hi Nelson, I e-mailed you at ameritraveler1963. Hope you got it.

  10. Kathy Rowe

    Hey Marilyn,
    I grew up in the southern tier area of NY state near Binghamton, but didn’t realize so many Amish lived around the state. When I was a kid, we used to take a long weekend trip once a year to the Lancaster area every summer. I always thought that was neat. Of course, that area has grown tremendously since I was a kid. I now live in northeast TN. I’ve been to Holmes County, Ohio many times and to the Amish area in Indiana a couple time. Love the Ohio area.

    1. Northeast TN

      Dear Ms. Rowe, I have an uncle that lives in Northeast TN.It’s a very small town called Mountain City,TN.I live in Polk Co.,TN close to NC.It’s about a 5 hour drive one way to see him so I don’t really get to see him that often(long story,kinda personal). I stayed once in Kingsport,TN to visit my uncle.It was the only Holiday Inn Express that would accept my mom’s employee discount since it’s an independently owned hotel from a lot of the others.What I saw of the place was very nice though!We had to travel about either an hour or half an hour to get there to Mountain City,TN.The drive was actually quite beautiful because of the scenery.I guess it seemed so long because I had not seen my uncle in a very long time and I was a little anxious to see him.Does anyone know of any Amish/Mennonites in the western part of NC?As always any help will be greatly appreciated!

  11. Al thanks for the on-the-ground info from KY. I had a chance to visit the Hart County auction late last summer, much enjoyed it. Lot of pumpkins!

  12. Marilyn in New York

    Hi Kathy,
    When I grew up I thought that all the Amish were in Pennsylvania. I sure found out different especially in New York State. There are many here and more are coming. I hope to drive around when the snow helps and see some of the area where the Amish live. I wish some of them would open a restaurant. I see restaurants from other states-how about New York. LOL

    When I lived in Florida use to go to Gatlinburg, TN on vacation. My sister-in-law and I use to go shopping at Pigeon Forge. My brother said we ladies “shoped till we droped”. LOL


  13. Kathy Rowe

    Pigeon Forge / Gatlinburg is about 1-1/2 – 2 hrs from here at Kingsport. It used to be during the summer and at Christmastime, it was wall to wall people there. But, now it seems like there is a crowd there all the time and heavy traffic.
    Yes, it would be nice for you to have an Amish restaurant near by. There sure are some good one in Ohio!!

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  16. Peter

    Seeker is seeking

    For a year now I left everything behind.
    Walking from one community to another.
    Working here and there, helping old people out for some food. Sheltering is not needed as I have a tent.
    I hope by the end of this month to reach VA and see if that’s the place this old seeker is looking for.

    I wish you all a blessed day.