The Great Plains have long attracted Amish settlement.  However, Amish populations in most Great Plains states, such as Oklahoma and Montana, remain low.

Kansas holds to this pattern; despite a history of Amish settlement stretching back 140 years, the Sunflower State is today home to only about a dozen church districts.

There are some interesting communities in Kansas, however.  The settlements in Reno County (Yoder; Hutchinson) as well as Anderson County (Garnett) are generally technologically progressive, allowing tractors to be used for field work and in some cases on the road.

kansas amish buggy race

Amish buggy racing at Yoder, Kansas

The Amish at Garnett (seen recently in a National Geographic video on Amish courtship) hold Sunday school as well as a week-long summer Bible school.  Nearly all Amish children in this settlement attend a local public school.

Other communities in Kansas, such as that at Fort Scott, maintain different church standards.  Amish at Fort Scott do not permit indoor plumbing, for example.

Read more about Kansas Amish in today’s new Amish State Guide entry.

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