The Amish State Guide is nearly complete, with only Canada awaiting an entry (yes, I know, despite the jokes our stalwart northern neighbors are subjected to, Canada is not the 51st state).  So the last technically “state” entry we’ll feature here is that of Delaware.  Composing an entry for Delaware is fairly simple since there is only one Amish settlement in the state (and as far as I know, there only ever has been but one).

If you read the post I did on this settlement back in March, you might remember that the Amish outside state capital Dover have been moving away due to developmental pressure.  In turn Amish from this community have been fueling the growth of settlements in other states as they move to less-crowded destinations.  Despite this, there is still a sizeable group of over 1,000 Amish at Dover.  Read more on this community here: Delaware Amish, and for Amish woodworkers in the Dover area: Amish furniture in Delaware.

P.S. This is the first ever post I’ve created using the browser function on my Kindle.  It’s kind of clunky-for instance, it won’t let me insert a photo as I typically do-but I guess better than nothing when you’re in a pinch (which I guess I am-am traveling to the good ole USA so no computer access for a day or two here).  The Kindle has been my one «high-tech» allowance of the past few years.  I wonder how many Amish Kindle owners there are out there?


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