Amish Guy Buggy Skiing, End-Of-Year Edition (Video)

In what’s become a winter tradition, another Amish Guy Buggy Skiing video has emerged.

This latest one comes from Long Prairie, Minnesota, where we see an Amish fellow skiing by the roadside, pulled by an open carriage.

I checked and this is actually our second skiing video of this calendar year.

Maybe the incidence of Amish Guys Skiing has increased. Or maybe bystanders are filming this phenomenon at a greater rate.

Unlike other videos, we get two camera angles on this one (if you can’t view the video below, try here).

What’s funny here is the news source where I found this describes it as a “man dressed in Amish clothing.”

They also reference “a cart crowded with people dressed in Amish attire” pulling the skier.

They seem to be very cautious to call this an Amish person and Amish people, as if they can’t believe it could be so.

But those who’ve followed the Amish Guys Skiing trend over the years know there is plenty of evidence that some Amish Guys really love buggy skiing.

Our previous edition brought us an Amish Guy Skiing in the Harmony, Minnesota community (the Land of the 10,000 Lakes looks to be a real hot-spot for Amish skiing).

In 2017 we saw some nice footage from Michigan, and the year before that from New York. The very first Amish Guy Skiing video to my knowledge showed up way back in 2011 in an Ohio community.

Amish Guy Skiing, Michigan 2017

Some Amish folks just like skiing, and why not.

Looks like healthy fun, just so long as the Amish Guy Skiing is good at dodging mailboxes.

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    1. Joe Zygala

      Do they do Nordic skiing (a.k.a., cross country skiing)?

      I wonder if these Amish guys do cross country skiing on their own property, but only get noticed when being pulled on public roads. It would be a good way to get around their farm property in winter. I would find it hard to believe these guys go out and buy or make skis just to have them used in the manner shown in the videos.

      1. I haven’t noticed cross country skiing in Amish places I frequent but maybe some do. And I don’t see why people who enjoy this pastime wouldn’t keep some skis around for fun rides like this. With the size of Amish families and the number of possible rides it seems you could get some good value out of even a single set.

    2. Lisa Farra


      The Amish that live down the road do this all winter. The boys do it even coming home from school everyday.

    3. Stephanie Berkey

      Thanks for sharing this, Erik. It reminds me of canal surfing in Colorado. I’ve also enjoyed seeing videos of men dressed in Amish clothing BMX biking ;D What a great part of this culture: working hard and playing hard.