We see a lot of requests for info on Amish-related businesses, so awhile back I decided to put together a directory of Amish furniture sellers.

These are both Amish manufacturers and the retailers who sell their products. I’ve organized the directory by state; I haven’t done an exact count but there are well over a thousand Amish furniture companies listed. I’ve used a variety of sources including business directories and online resources. When companies have websites I have reviewed them, and then tried to provide a summary or sampling of what they offer. Here are a few example entries:

Amish Furniture Directory TableNew York Amish Furniture

Minnesota Amish Furniture

Indiana Amish Furniture

North Carolina Amish Furniture


You can find Amish furniture businesses in most if not all of the 50 states. As for the few states for which I don’t have anything currently listed: some I suspect likely do have Amish woodworkers or retailers (ie Mississippi) but I just haven’t been able to get specific details.

If you have an Amish furniture business that you’d like listed, or know of one, you’re welcome to email it in to me, or simply add it to the comments section below. Please include business name, address and phone number. This list is by no means comprehensive but should be a pretty good start.

This was actually a pretty sizeable undertaking which took up a lot of spare time the past 6 months (now on to the next project! 🙂 ). I’ve still got a couple of states to finish (PA, WY) and haven’t gotten to Canada yet. I hope people will find it useful.

Amish furniture photo: Kurt Groetsch/flickr

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