Amish Friendships & Separation From The World (Video)

In this video I talk about Amish friendships and the idea of “separation from the world”.

What’s the Biblical basis of this idea and what does it translate into in practice? Do Amish people have non-Amish friendships? Can you attend Amish church service as a non-Amish person?

I also share a couple of photos from the market stand of my friends the Riehl family. I hope you enjoy.


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    1. Deborah

      Amish Separation

      The Amish’s ability to remain separate from the world is what will help them to survive. The world is destroying themselves, and hopefully the Amish will remain strong and able to maintain humanity.

    2. Lisa Maikranz


      I have Amish (Swartzentruber) that I visit every year – we are very close and I feel right at home with them! I am very supportive of their wonderful life style and always remind the kids that there is nothing they will find in this world that can compare to what they have.
      I’m actually here with them now. I take pictures of their huge growing farm and they live seeing from one year to the next how it’s changed an grown. They also let me photograph inside their home. I only take pictures of them from the back while working No Faces!
      It’s a pure slice of Heaven to be a part of their lives, my 2nd family.

    3. Joseph Rothrock

      friends with Amish

      Now I have Mennonite friends. I’ve been to their place of worship, their Church in Kentucky. And I talked with Amish on a regular basis because they come in to where I work to buy items metal farm implements. And I live without modern amenities like electricity. I’m not hooked to the grid. And I live my life around God. And I do think they’re Amish will be here long after people destroy each other. I have a lot of respect for the Amish. You see cowboy movies. They didn’t have electricity back then. How settlers lived. The Amish still live that way. So I try to be a good man a servant of God and believe and treating the Amish no different than I would treat anyone else. This world would be a much finer place to live if you could live like the Amish. Less hate. More Devotion to God and their families.

    4. Amish friendship

      My wife and I started taking our horses to an Amish farrier, about 12 years ago. At first we were all cautious of each other. As time went on we have become very close. We also raised dairy goats, and helped our Amish friends when they decided they wanted to milk goats too. We quickly learned they were more “worldly”, than we expected, and I think we were more “plain” than they expected. Our friendship continues to grow.

      1. Neat to hear that Rick. I think what you describe (more worldly/more plain) is probably what often plays out when Amish and English folks get to know one another, though I’ve never heard it put that way (well put).

    5. Glenn Renfrow

      Amish Friends

      I had an Amish gentleman follow me last week. When he finally caught up with me, he told me he had just killed some chickens, and was going to fry them up. He told me to come on over, and join them. I consider them very good friends. I am friends with several who live in Kentucky, as well as in Missouri. I am welcome in their homes, anytime, day or night. I truly appreciate their way of life. I lived that way myself growing up.

      1. The way your comment started out I wasn’t sure which way it was going. Glad to hear it had a happy ending 🙂 Fried chicken is not the top of my list on ways to prepare chicken…but when it’s good, it can be really good. Sounds like you’ve got some good friends indeed.