Amish in Florida

amish florida palmThe Florida Amish outpost in the Pinecraft district of Sarasota is unusual in a number of ways.

For one, its size waxes and wanes with the seasons.  Every year in the fall and winter months, an influx of Amish vacationers boosts a hard core of full-time residents.  Right now we are in the summer off-season, but come autumn, a slew of northern buses will arrive, bringing Amish travelers from Indiana, Ohio, and other states.

I describe the numerous other reasons Pinecraft is not your typical Plain community in a new Florida Amish profile for the Amish State Guide.  Hope you enjoy it.

Also: Amish woodworkers are better known for vacationing in Florida than for manufacturing furniture there. However, Amish woodcraft can be found in the state at numerous locations. Read more: Amish furniture-Florida.
Photo credit: Herb Hernandez

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  1. Rhea

    Went there in May

    Guess I was too late! I went to the neighborhood twice and saw just one Amish man. He was riding a bike down the main drag. Otherwise, I saw restaurants that served Amish-style food and a few businesses.

  2. I think you just missed the season Rhea. I bet the restaurants were still open though.

  3. Richard

    Well since i did live in Florida up until late last year i thought id chime-in on this topic. From my experience going down to Pinecraft since 1989, that little town pretty much dies down around the month of April and beyond. That’s around the time when the main buses (pioneer) stop traveling down to Florida, and back to the north. And even though most plain folks would leave Little Pinecraft it was still enjoyable walking around, just don’t expect any Amish/Mennonites left walking around in the heat of Florida. So yes its pretty much a ghost town right now, but that does not change in any way its very excellent restaurants like Troyes and my favorite “Yoder’s”. Richard from Pennsylvania

  4. Jeff

    There are still Amish walking around there, just not in the droves you see in the winter. I was riding my bike through there at 7:30 pm today and I saw an Amish man driving a riding lawn mower in the bicycle lane, which made me laugh, since I know that’s considered a tractor, which is classified as farm equipment, so he was exploiting a loophole in the rules. He saw me smiling at him and waved back. A man with suspenders (but no hat) was escorting two Amish women to the ice cream shop. I saw two Amish women at the CVS store, one had a really snazzy burgundy costume.

  5. Amish on a Segway?

    Jeff, funny story. It seems all types of transport get used down in Pinecraft beyond the well-known adult trikes. I am waiting to hear about the Amish man on a Vespa scooter or how about a Segway personal mobility device? 😉

    Richard I’ve been to Florida 3 or 4 times, but always in the autumn or winter. It seems like it’d be a tough place to live in the summer, certainly with a mutza suit on. It has made me wonder why older folks flock there for retirement rather than a perhaps not as beatiful but relatively cooler place like NC. I guess high-powered AC helps.

  6. George

    That’s a colorful and funny story!
    I read THE FLORIDA AMISH article, which is also amazing considering they don’t use buggies. I also find it a funny, but interesting read.
    I almost seems that the Mennonites using the state of Florida as an experiment to find out what they can get away with!
    I liked the Amish Post Office as well.

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  10. please help!

    hello i need information about the Amish people from the guys who visit them? i want to visit the Amish people where are they in Florida?
    please if anybody know even little infromation about them just email me at….please sa soos sa. Thank you a lot

  11. Lonnie

    Here is another article that provides a brief overview of the Amish community in Pinecraft.

    There’s not too much information but check it out if you’re interested. Also, check Wikipedia’s entry on “Pinecraft”.

    Hamad, if you want to find the Amish in Sarasota, just stand at the corner of Beneva and Bahia Vista for a while during the winter months. You’ll see a lot of Amish on bicycles.

    1. Lonnie

      Making the link clickable;

      Pinecraft Amish Community

  12. isabel arce

    when they will come?

    Every year the Amish come to south dade florida, but I do not remember exact date. Please can somebody tell me when the will come? Thank you

  13. Linda

    Isabel, do you mean Dade County, FL, in the Miami/Homestead area? Are they Amish, or German Baptist? Are you talking about a church building or a trailer park?

  14. Pat Haskins

    I need help

    I am looking for Amish that builds things, back home in Jamestown NY we have lots of Amish families and they will build things for you. Well my husband died in Sept and we had a gazabo in the back yard and yesterday the bad storm came and took it up. It was a 10×12, did not damage the canvas top,but damaged the frame. I was thinking if I put up 4×4 post with a top this would work, but I don’t know anyone that does this. I live in Port Richey, Fla and I need your help. My email is Thank you!