Amish Father Menno Miller Reflects On Loss Of Two Daughters In Crash (Video)

Irma Miller, age 11, and sister Wilma, age 7, lost their lives after their buggy was rear-ended on the morning of September 25th in Fillmore County, Minnesota. Questions soon arose over the alleged driver of the vehicle, which may have in fact been the woman’s twin sister.

News station KTTC visited with the Miller family, and spoke with the father of the girls, Menno, about how they are dealing with their loss. Menno does not appear facing the camera, but did agree for the interview to be recorded.

Menno Miller at his Minnesota home. Image: KTTC/YouTube

This is the news piece which aired on KTTC (3:41). Below that, you’ll find the longer two-part interview with Menno.

Menno’s wife is named Sarah, and they have six surviving children. Two of them were in the buggy at the time of the crash and were injured. “A lot of tears. I was told, tears are healing, and I believe that’s true,” says Menno. The other two children, Rose and Allen, are reported to be okay physically, having returned to school activities.


Irma Miller, 11, is on the right, Wilma Miller, 7, second from right. Photo: Jamie Meyeraan

“Do we blame somebody?” Menno asks himself. “Yes and no. I mean, we struggle with that.” The Millers, it’s explained in the above video, aren’t focused so much on justice, but would like an apology – from whomever was behind the wheel. “That’d go a long ways,” says Menno. “Yes it would.”

Memorial ribbons tied to a buggy warning sign pole near the site of the crash. Image: KTTC/YouTube

Menno Miller Full Interview – Part One

In Part One of the interview, Menno Miller recalls the morning of the crash, and the last things he said to daughters Irma and Wilma. He also discusses the idea of acceptance and faith, and shares how he feels “humble” by the community response.

“Without friends, family and faith…it would be impossible.” Menno also shares he and his wife’s concern for his other children in the aftermath of loss and how they are dealing with that.

Image: KTTC/YouTube

Menno Miller Full Interview – Part Two

In Part Two, Menno recalls the night before the crash. They also discuss the question of blame and questions about how it happened.

“We’re not gonna press charges,” Menno explains, saying they’ll leave that up to the state. “It would make it a little easier if they showed a little remorse, but at this point…they’re trying to keep their stuff covered up, the two gals.”

When asked if the sisters tried to contact them, Menno says no, but that his family tried to reach them. “My father-in-law tried to contact Sarah Petersen, but we couldn’t get through. Basically what we were gonna tell them is ‘hey, feel free to come out to the wake, the funeral, whatever. Let’s just visit. But yeah we couldn’t get through.”

Menno also repeats here an idea that he was asked about earlier: “When their time’s here, their time’s here.” In Part One he acknowledges how that idea can be difficult for many non-Amish to understand. It doesn’t remove the pain of loss, but maybe makes it easier. “It all comes down to accepting…the parting is just so tough.”

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    1. Larry Glunk


      Be Jesus today and don’t go a way, because way was one and one was way. We are not way and that’s the way we are. These things happen to us in a car, the car is mine if I said it was but it isn’t, I don’t have a car and that’s what it was. Mine time is up when I was one and one was way and way was one, but Jesus came and said no one came, for we are all together and no one’s numb. My mind said three and I said me and that was the way I said to see. Do back and ladimir and make a pill for me to hear and I will be a Jesus J, for no one said that I’m a way. Go on now and be the way, for I am way and no one K. MEECH

    2. K.D.

      Wilma & Irma

      Sure do wish Larry Glunk would clue me in as to the meaning
      of his post. I cannot remember the last time I was so confused.

    3. Sandy Kennedy


      God does not “take” children. He wants people to live. That is why we have the hope of a resurrection to the earth, as stated in Psalm 37:9-11, of which Jesus quoted at Matthew 5:5; Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth. Your two beautiful daughters are in the grave waiting for a resurrection. I hope this is comforting to you.

    4. Walter Boomsma

      Tough watch...

      Menno is an amazing man… who I think reflects both the humanity and deep faith of the Amish. Like him, words are difficult to find. But I share many of his thoughts, including that while we cannot understand his feelings, at some level we share them. We find comfort there.

      1. Erik Wesner

        Well said. I feel for him watching this. He kept things together well speaking about losses so fresh.

    5. Matthias Reineck

      Distracted driver....

      Who ever put away any belongings from any “neighbor” doesn’t know anything about THE LAW OF ATTRACTION: You will receive what you once have sown. There for the sinner will get his lesson of life to understand and what is to feel about the new result what s/he has done to the neighbor as her/his victim. If the sinner recognize her/his bad behavior s/he needs to repent her/his sin in front of the cross of Jesus Christ where He our Lord was cruzified in Jerusalem to pay with His blood for our sins. We need to beg our Lord for mercy about our sinful life, about that sin against the ten commandements (AT, 2.Book of Moses/Exodus, chapture20, verses1-12) We need the forgiveness of Jesus Christ by our savior and redeemer and comforter of our soul by HIS grace and love of rectifice. Our notice of our sin is important, our feelings of being deadly sorry about our mistake is essentiel, from the bottom of our heart, because Jesus need to know that we are honest to Him and to our neighbor as our victim. We also need to beg our neighbor for forgiveness by telling her/him that we feel sorry about we have done to her/him. So our souls can get free from that bondage of sin to be able to return once to our almighty father in heaven again. Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, we wish you a merry Christmas with huge hello from Munich of Bavaria, the deap south of Germany. Gott zum Gruß Liebe Geschwister. Gott beschütze Euch.