Wishing a joyful Christmas season to you and your family.  No new posts for the next couple of days, but in the meantime here are some links to Amish Christmas articles from this site and others:

  • USA Today article looking at Christmas in the Clare, Michigan Amish community.  ‘”We have the quiet way of honoring Jesus coming,” said Simon Miller, of Clare. “Nothing to be seen by men, nothing to bring glory to ourselves.”‘
  • Amish Christmas customs with descriptions from the book Amish Society.  ‘Amish do give gifts at Christmas, and Hostetler notes that “children who want a specific toy usually get it, but toys are generally simple and inexpensive.”  While selling books in Amish communities, I can remember a number of instances when sets were tucked away by forward-looking parents as a Christmas surprise for the children.’
  • Amish Children Christmas Songs

    Amish children singing at Christmas

    Amish Country News describes an Amish school Christmas program with samples of the Christmas plays, poems and songs performed by Amish children.
  • Christmas card giving among Amish.  Interesting info in the comments.  Writes Claire: ‘I have an Amish pen pal, and she has sent me a Christmas card this year which had the three wise-men on it.’  Meanwhile Tom asked his Indiana Swartzentruber Amish friends if they send cards: ‘They nicely answered, “No we don’t, it’s just not necessary, but we do
    write Christmas letters to several of our close relatives.”’
  • Five of the Amish Cook’s favorite Christmas recipes, including “Church Windows” and  “Amish Fruitcake”.
  • How some Amish observe Old Christmas in early January.

Amish children singing: sneakerdog/flickr


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