Buggy Plunges 20 Feet Off Bridge

An unusual buggy accident happened last week in Missouri, involving an Amish woman and boy (via KTVO):

ADAIR COUNTY, Mo. — A northeast Missouri woman and boy were injured Sunday evening in a terrifying accident.

It was reported around 8 p.m. on Apache Way, about six miles southeast of Greentop.

First responders told KTVO an Amish horse and buggy carrying a 28-year-old woman from Greentop and a boy plunged approximately 20 feet off the side of a bridge with no railings.

The buggy landed upside down in a shallow creek.

The woman suffered serious injuries while the boy escaped with only minor injuries. You can see the scope of the drop in these photos:

I wonder if this was a case of riding a bit too close to the edge, or if perhaps something startled the horse while on the bridge. You can see in this shot that as described, it’s just a straight drop off of that bridge. It’s not terribly common to have rural bridges like this without railings, though I think the more rural you get the more likely it is to find such spans. In any case this would be the first time I’ve heard of an Amish vehicle going off a bridge.

Also, I believe this settlement might be a Swiss Amish community. And while it’s not clearly visible here, in that case this would have been an open vehicle. How much did that influence the injuries suffered by the riders?

The horse survived and was described as “in good condition”. Hopefully the woman makes a full recovery.

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    1. Cheryl Mellblom

      I hope that this Amish community will take it upon themselves to put up a railing if the State doesn’t. This lack of a railing is unconscionable.

    2. Linda Fish

      Buggy Plunges 20 Feet Off Bridge

      I pray for the family that the woman gets okay. The fall is horrible. I would think at night it is very hard to see the edge. Please be careful if you ride over the bridge again.

    3. Frank Comstock

      Buggy Falls Off Bridge

      I hope the woman driving the buggy and the boy are recovering and will be able to resume their normal activities soon. This was a most unfortunate accident, but it clearly shows a lack of concern for all drivers on the level of government responsible for this bridge. It is unconscionable to build a bridge without railings. I know the Amish don’t like to sue anyone, but the level of government — local, county, or state — that allowed the travesty of this bridge design needs to take responsibility for this accident, immediately repair the bridge, and offer all possible services and remuneration to this family. Government has a responsibility to ensure the safety of all the citizens.

      1. I agree – seems like regulations would require railings especially on a bridge of such height. I figured that this being a quite rural area things were more lax in that department. You’d think there be something it at the state level though.