9 Questions on The Amish & Marriage

At what age do Amish people get married?

Do Amish wear wedding rings?

Can they remarry after a spouse dies?

These and other questions on the Amish and marriage in today’s list.

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At what age do Amish get married?

Compared to non-Amish Americans, Amish get married at a young age – usually in the early 20s, though some may marry later. As baptism is required to marry within the Amish church, joining the church may shortly precede marriage. Read more on typical Amish marriage age.

Do Amish wear wedding rings?

No. Amish do not wear jewelry, which they feel encourages pride and individualism.

Do all Amish marry?

No. Every Amish community of significant size contains a fair number of male and female singles. Single Amish people may live at home with parents or in a separate small home built on the home property. Single siblings of both sexes in some cases live together.

Can Amish remarry after a spouse dies?

Yes. In fact, this is fairly common. Amish re-marriages can result in some very large blended families. Read more on Amish remarriage, or about the family of John and Caroline Troyer, perhaps the largest Amish family ever.

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      i am an African, a Kenyan, living in Nairobi. I have been following you for sometimes. Are Amish people only American people, that is whites? And are Amish only restricted in America? Can you extend your missions to Africa?
      Thank you and God so bless you.

      1. jim boles

        Not Amish but Mennonites.

        Firstly, there are many types/sects/divisions of Amish. Blanket yes/no answers are not possible. However generally, Amish are not evangelical, consequently they do not have missions, and with several exceptions, are only found in America.

        Mennonites on the other hand are another matter entirely. Mennonites, like the Amish have several types/sects/divisions also, and some of those are evangelical, and have had missions in various countries. There are also ‘black’ Mennonites. Mennonites, historically, are closely related to the Amish, both being Anabaptist, but due to historic changes within each group they are distinctly different today. Old-Order Mennonites are probably closer to Amish, but I’m not sure how evangelical they are.

        You may find these references useful.