Do Amish kitchens have refrigerators? How do Amish light their homes?

Do Amish homes have shutters?

What about upholstered furniture?

Today we look at 12 questions on Amish homes.

As before I’ve excerpted several below; you’ll find the link to the full list at the end.

Do Amish kitchens have refrigerators?

Many if not most do. They are typically adapted to run on propane or natural gas. At least two companies (Crystal Cold of Arcola, Illinois and EZ Freeze of Shipshewana, Indiana) produce models which are popular in Amish communities. Some Amish rent freezer space from non-Amish neighbors. More conservative (“lower”) Amish use ice boxes and ice houses. They may purchase mechanically-manufactured ice or harvest their own.

Do Amish homes have shutters?

Some Amish homes have a very plain appearance, while others look quite modern.

While many Amish homes such as those in Midwestern settlements do not feature decorative shutters, some Amish homes do, for example in the Lancaster County settlement. While many Amish do not build homes with shutters, houses purchased from English owners or older historic homes may have them and they will often be left in place.

How do Amish decorate their homes?

This varies, but generally, decorations are more acceptable if they also fulfill a practical purpose. For example, it’s common to find calendars with attractive photographs of natural settings or other images, or wooden “perpetual calendars”. Some Amish hang colorful zip code charts with floral motifs. The Ten Commandments also hangs on walls in Amish homes.

Amish do not hang personal portraits, though some may display simple framed images commemorating a child’s birth, for example. Wall clocks are also very popular in Amish homes, some having extensive mechanical workings and playing a variety of tunes on the striking of the hour.

As far as the home’s exterior, Amish women often tend beautiful flower gardens and Amish homes may have fairly elaborate landscaping, particularly in more liberal settlements. The most traditional Amish generally do not tend flower gardens and may have a very hardscrabble appearance to their homes and yards.

How do Amish heat their homes?

Amish heat their homes using various means, including propane and natural gas heaters, and heating stoves burning wood and coal. Fireplaces are not common in Amish homes. The basement is a common location for a heating stove. Venting helps circulate heat throughout the home.

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