11 Questions Answered on Amish Beliefs

I put together a resource a few years ago concisely answering several hundred questions on the Amish. These are organized in 41 categories, covering everything from buggies and clothing to Amish women and work.

I realized I never publicized this much, as it’s sort of lived in the background of the site under the “FAQ” heading in the main menu.

Since new readers find this site everyday, and people have different levels of knowledge on the Amish, I thought that highlighting some of these FAQ pages might be helpful.

So I’ve started today with questions on Amish beliefs. In each of these entries, I tried to cover what I felt were the more common questions people might have.

These answers are not meant to be comprehensive or exhaustive. Each FAQ page lists resources used and suggestions for further reading. They also include links to related posts which investigate the topics more deeply. I hope you find these useful.

Selected Questions on Amish Beliefs

What are some characteristic Amish religious beliefs?

Social shunning, adult baptism, twice-yearly Communion, untrained ministers, the practice of footwashing, and non-resistance are among the beliefs and practices which make the Amish distinct from many other Christian denominations.

Why do Amish believe in separation from the world?

Amish base this belief in a few Biblical passages, such as Romans 12:2 – “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”

Amish traditionally maintain boundaries between themselves and non-Amish, though it’s common that they have relationships with non-Amish as personal friends, business associates, and in other settings.

Do Amish believe in assurance of salvation?

Most Amish do not profess a belief in assurance of salvation, in the way that a member of an Evangelical denomination might. Amish more often speak of a “living hope” of salvation. However, some Amish do claim assurance of salvation. This is most often seen in the New Order Amish churches.

Find all 11 questions in the Amish Beliefs FAQ here.

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