Allowed by God?

The news just seems to repeat itself.  Yesterday a fatal van crash occurred involving an Amish family in Indiana.  In April a number of Amish men were killed on the Indiana toll road which cuts across the northern part of the state.

Road accidents have left their share of Amish orphans.  One accident in the early 80’s left a family of, if I’m not mistaken, nine children without parents.  A Milroy, Indiana family adopted all of them.  On the mailbox outside the home you can read the name of the couple who took them in as well as “……… Children” indicating the orphans.

The story has become something of a tragic legend among tales of Amish accidents.  I remember it nearly bringing me to tears when I heard about it years later.  What love that adopting family showed those children when it was needed most.

There also seems to have been a major twister which ripped up Nappanee, heart of another chunky Indiana settlement, late last week.  I’m not sure how many Amish-owned properties were affected, but expect the Amish to step up and pitch in to rebuild either way.  Two years back, Daviess County, Indiana, was plastered by an F3 Fujita-scale tornado.  Amish from multiple states trucked in to help them back on their feet.  Daviess Amish returned the favor in Missouri a year later.  I’d expect more of the same this time around.

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    1. The amish have always been quick to help out in time of tragedy or sickness. There are those of us who could learn from them!

    2. You are 100% right Michelle!