Abandoned buggy

Amish buggy snow
Across America, the cold and snow continues.

An interesting shot from irishlady, of an Amish buggy, precise location unknown, that looks like it ran into a bit of trouble in the recent spell of harsh weather.  Stay warm everyone!

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    1. Bill

      I would guess the rounded sides at the bottom of the buggy would make the general location Dover,Delaware as seen in this blog entry. https://amishamerica.com/2009/09/dover-delaware-amish.html

    2. Bill

      And that’s in western NY, not upstate NY.
      Too much time on my hands. 🙂

    3. Hey Bill, thanks for checking into that. Keep this up and we’re going to have to get you some office space at Amish America Inc!

    4. Bill

      After clicking on the “irishlady” link and doing a little research I found this buggy was abandoned in upstate New York.

      Halfway down the page on this website
      http://www.mariposaponds.com/about.htm is a buggy that looks the same. I thought the rounded bottom was exclusive to Delaware. Learn something new everyday.

    5. Bill

      Erik, would that mean having to relocate to Poland? 😉

    6. No no worries, we’ll definitely be able to outsource! I wouldn’t want to inflict a Polish winter on anyone!