A question for Amish America readers

I recently discovered some readers’ comments were being incorrectly marked as spam. Have you ever tried to leave a comment only to not have it appear on the blog? If so, roughly how many times, and when? I apologize if that’s ever happened to you.

This looks like it’s due to a glitch in the spam-block system. I’m going to be manually checking spam from now on to pull out any incorrectly-marked comments.

More importantly I am trying to fix the system to prevent this happening. So if it’s ever happened to you, your response will be helpful. Thanks!

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    1. Erin

      I have not had a problem.

    2. Chris

      No problems for me either.

    3. SharonR


      No problems, either.

    4. Carolyn B

      Erik, I’m following the crowd here. No problems for me either.

    5. Kentucky Lady 717


    6. Robin Wyatt

      So far so good. I haven’t had any problem.

    7. Linda

      Once or twice I had a problem, but Erik (the fix-it man), helped to get the comment posted. It was several months ago.
      We are thankful for all the comments that do get posted.

      1. Appreciate it Linda, thanks for letting me know. I think I have been trusting my spam filter too much, and it’s been over-vigilant.

    8. Judith Grober

      I have posted questions and comments at least three times.never saw them posted.But I still enjoy the site.

      1. Thanks Judith. Sorry about that. I hope you’ll try again if the spirit moves you. Will be keeping an eye on this.

    9. I have yet to have a problem although I have been MIA for a few, okay several, posts.

    10. Susan F

      Have only left one comment and it went through ok.

    11. OldKat

      Yes' one time

      Last week or the week before I typed a comment and when I got ready to submit it I received a message saying that the website would not accept the comment. I have no idea if it was marked as SPAM or not.

      Usually I copy a message before attempting to post it, just in case it doesn’t go through, so I can just copy it make to the reply box. In that one instance I didn’t and I did not attempt to post it again

      1. Sounds like the same issue. Since it was just recently, I am wondering if this problem just appeared or worsened lately. Perhaps there was a recent change in the way the spam system processes comments. I’ve found and am now looking at a new system. Will trial test it starting this weekend. Thanks, Oldkat.

    12. Kathy Rowe

      I haven’t had any problems either. Enjoy the site very much, Erik.

    13. LeeAnn

      No problems for me! Keep up the good work Erik! Love your blog and all the postings.

    14. Traci Banville

      Quite a few times, actually.

      I am used to it by now. No hard feelings.

      1. Traci I think I actually found one or two of your comments in spam and got them to post. They would not have shown up on “recent comments” box though since it was after many other comments had been posted. Sorry about that…I appreciate your understanding–now that I’m aware the main thing is to fix the issue.

    15. Loretta

      I read this daily, just don’t post all that often. Reallly enjoy it. Thanks for all you do 🙂

      Never had a problem.

    16. New York State of Mind

      I have made comments, but they couldn’t get them to post. It doesn’t happen very often.

      1. Sorry about that Marilyn. Good to know, I am working on a solution. And appreciate your perseverance! 🙂

    17. Loretta, LeeAnn, and all other “problem-free” commenters, thank you!

    18. New York State of Mind

      No problem Erik. On the few times it happens, I just leave and come back later in the day, it usually works then.

    19. Ed

      Suggestion for more effective message board

      Erik, I love this blog. I’d like to suggest that you transition it to a more traditional message board where one can see multiple discussion threads on one screen. The way things are set up now, it is difficult to continue discussions after you have made newer posts. I think there could be a lot of benefits if discussions can remain open longer.

      1. Good thoughts Ed, thanks. I don’t know that I’ll be able to transition to a full message board/forum, but may be able to incorporate some of those elements. I agree there are good discussions that get pushed off the front page, but which would be good to have more visible. It’s possible a sidebar widget of some sort may provide this within the blog template I am using. I am soon due to revamp a few features here and upgrade the template, and so putting this idea on the list 🙂

    20. Alice Mary


      No problems that I can remember, especially not lately.

      Alice Mary

    21. Valerie

      It happened to me-

      Just the other day that happened to me, last weekend I think. It was the first time, I tried to post the same thought twice cuz it disappeared. After it disappeared the second time, I just said, “well Lord, you must want me to keep that thought to myself” and went on with my day 🙂

      1. Yikes Valerie! Maybe that was the case 😉 I have been monitoring the spam box vigilantly the past few days, and have not found any other stray messages landing there. When I first discovered the problem, there were 5-6 in there that were legit comments. Perhaps it was acting up for a spell. Technology can be mysterious 🙂

    22. linda

      a question for Amish readers

      I have to agree with Judith. I also have posted a comment and have never heard a reply. Also sometimes I have a question, but can never seem to get an answer. But still cannot be without this website. Awsome

      1. Thanks Linda, were these questions you posted to the site or in an email? Appreciate you still liking AA 🙂

        Also, if you want to be informed about new comments to a thread, just be sure to tick the “Check to be notified…” box (below) before submitting your comment. Then you’ll be sure not to miss replies if they are made (you’ll get an email notification).

    23. Yep

      Hey Erik, I’ve commented several times in the past but I don’t think anything has ever shown up. I wasn’t sure why, though I didn’t let it stop me from continuing to read your great blog–and occasionally trying again. 🙂

      1. Thanks Mindy, sorry about that 🙂 Sounds like this has been going on longer than I thought.

    24. I've had a few

      I’ve had a few, I believe, that never showed up!

      1. New anti-spam system

        Thanks for letting me know, Cindy (and everyone else).

        I’m testing a new system now. You should see a small box right under the “Submit Comment” button below. Checking this will confirm you are not a spammer so your comment can go through.

        We’ll see how this works…should reduce the “false positives” that have been landing in the spam box.

    25. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      No big problems, none, well, one....

      I, for the most part, have been very happy with the reply function on the Amish America blog. Since I started replying I have had no problem with the program you use.

      It was odd though, last week, I tried to reply to something and the boxes that normally appear at the end of that day’s entry did not show up. As it happened, I was dissatisfied with what I had written as a reply, so I gave it some time, and waited to see if the function would return, sure enough it did, and I think I replied with no further issue.

      I only recently noticed the addition of the “click to confirm that you are not a spammer” addition. I guess I didn’t read this thread all the way through, and noticed it on the thread about the Elam Fisher interview.

      1. Shom do you mean the comment box? It the page doesn’t fully load that may be a speed issue and then I’d just say to refresh the page. Occasionally happens to me based on what kind of internet connection I have.