As a toddler, George Sorrells was once saved from burning by an Amish woman – who rescued him from a fireplace and then spent months nursing him back to health.

Now 79 and a pediatrician, he helps Amish and Mennonite people in the area of Daviess County, Indiana – something he’s done since the 1960s.

And by the sound of this profile on Sorrells, it doesn’t sound like he’s planning to stop soon.

It’s a nice read, and includes this interesting observation:

Sorrells said while broken bones and other farm injuries are more common among the Amish than the general population, there are advantageous differences he’s noticed — or hasn’t noticed. He can’t remember seeing a teenager with acne, he said, and ADHD among Amish children is “almost unknown.”

Read it in full here.

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