Surprising things found in Amish homes. Common women’s and men’s names. The best Amish foods. Unusual places Amish once lived. These are a few of the topics we explored in the last few months of 5 points posts.

fiveWe have new readers joining the site all the time (if you’re not an email subscriber yet, you can do that here and not miss any of these). So it’s good to catch up on some of these from time to time.

As we did for January through March, here’s a recap of those 5 points posts for the past three months:

5 Amish Communities I Want to Visit
10 Common Amish Men’s Names (And 10 Rare Ones)
10 Common Amish Women’s Names (And 10 Rare Ones)
5 Surprising Items Found in Amish Homes
5 Favorite Amish Foods
5 Surprising Places Amish Once Lived
5 Lesser-Known Holidays Observed By Amish
5 Amish Publications You Might Enjoy (And How to Get Them)
5 Ways Amish Light Their Homes
5 Southern Amish Communities
5 Common Amish Church Practices (Uncommon in Other Churches)
The 5 Hardest Things About Living With The Amish
The 5 Best Things About Living With The Amish

Some of these were suggested or inspired by your ideas.

With that in mind, feel invited to share any other topic requests in the comments.

I definitely read and consider them as I add to the running list of topics. So thanks for your brainpower and creative ideas.

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