5 Friendliest Amish Communities (& 2 Not-so-friendly) [Video]

I did a video giving my list of five friendliest Amish communities. I also discuss one well-known and large community that did not make the list. And, at the end I share two communities that I consider not-so-friendly, and why.

If you’d like to see the written version of this video, you can find that here, though I add more detail in the video (and of course, a lot more images). Most of the videos I’ve been making run from 3 to 10 minutes; this one runs longer than average.

Could I have included some different communities on this list? Happy to hear what you think.


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    1. Ildiko Studemire

      friendlyAmish communities

      I am living in Youngstown,Ohio But constantly go to cute little town in Pa, right near to me.It called, Volant, I love the Amish there, they are very friendly. They even invited me to their summer fruit, vegetable auctions. Then at a roadside stand I asked them, if there is any place where i can buy live chicken. They told me where to go.That couple was very friendly too, asked me to sit down and let’s talk, We had about 45 minutes conversation.. All the nearby little shops, so nice, and people very welcoming — Ildiko (a Hungarian woman maybe it healped ,because they knew so much about my original country 🙁 )

    2. Rita

      Lancaster/York County - friendly?

      I’ve lived in neighboring York County all my life and must admit that the topic of our area being unfriendly and unwelcome to visitors and newcomers comes up fairly often. In my experience, many churches have been known as family churches and it’s very common to go to a local store and see classmates from school MANY years after graduation – people tend to stay in the area and not move away. Newcomers can find it very hard to feel welcome when the locals already have their friends and tend to keep to themselves. Also, many of the families around here are from German stock – not usually known as a warm and fuzzy group. Individually, we can be very friendly, but in general, friendliness probably wouldn’t be a trait commonly associated with this area. Not sure how that relates to our Amish neighbors, but if the “English” have this reputation, it might be true of the Amish community also.

    3. J.O.B.

      Lancaster is interesting.

      The hospitality/red carpet could be due to tourism and the spotlight they are under. Just as you said.

      At the same time, since they are under a constant flow of tourists. I can see that having a ‘numbing’ effect on them.

      Also in the video. 5:23 mark. The street name is ‘Yoder Ave.’

      Even the street has an Amish name in Pinecraft.