One or our readers, Dave H., attended this past weekend’s Horse Progress Days, in Clare, Michigan.

This annual event showcases horse-drawn farming and machinery. Amish flock to the gathering, with total attendance in the 15-20,000 range.

Dave shares some nice photos of the event, and the following general comments:

I attended on Saturday when temp’s were in mid-90’s with high humidity. I felt sorry for young Amish families with their little kids in that oppressive heat. However, the Amish Moms do take care of their children.

Show was good. This was my first Horse Progress Days — I was surprised at the neat & obviously pricey machinery. Don’t know how Amish farmers can afford such expensive machinery unless they buy jointly with other farmers. Or, pay the price and  do custom work for other Amish farmers.

The Amish always do a nice job in their various events. The extreme heat was their biggest enemy at this show.

I was most impressed with the green 24-foot (swat) hay mower. The one with power steering & 3-sickle bars up front. Horses (2 or 4) are positioned between front & back wheels. See attached picture for name of manufacturer.

I hope you enjoy these photos. If anyone else attended, let us know how it went.

Buggy parking across the road from the event.

Horse lunch.

The Buggy Buddy. This is a buggy light vendor. The sign says “Run your buggy lights with your lithium-ion tool batteries! See it in Action”.

Some of the machinery. First, a rototiller.

A round hay baler.


The 24-foot hay mower Dave mentioned above.

A manure spreader.

A horse-powered wood splitter.

A hay bind.

A hay loader.

Hay mower.

Four bottom plow.

This buggy looks pretty nice.

But this carriage is a good bit fancier.

Finally, a piece of horse-inspired artwork.

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