2013 Amish Tech Conference update

Amish Tech ConferenceJust a note on the Amish Technology conference, to be held June 6-8, 2013 at the Young Center at Elizabethtown College.  The call for papers deadline has been extended from October 1 to October 15.  One other important point: proposals are welcome for any Amish-related topics, not just those connected with technology.

From the conference description:

This international conference will highlight the challenges of recent technology (the Internet, social media, and telecommunications, for example) and technology’s impact on manufacturing, family life, consumption, medicine, and leisure for Amish communities in North America. In addition, conference presentations and seminars will cover many aspects of Amish life and include comparative studies of non-Amish traditional groups of Anabaptist origin.

Topics will include health care, mental health, social services, agriculture, business, history, quilts, and Amish-themed fiction. Optional field trips within the local Amish community are also planned.

You can find more details at the conference website.

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    1. Alice Mary


      Erik, is this an annual event? If so, about how many people attend, and are there more English than Amish in attendance? I’m guessing local hotels/motels must fill fast.

      Since it’s international, how many folks attend from other countries—how is an Amish Technology Conference of interest to them? As always, just curious(“curiouser & curiouser”).

      Alice Mary

      1. Alice Mary this is actually the first time this particular technology-oriented conference has been held. There have been other large Amish-themed conferences at the Young Center, for instance in 2007 and also last year (Forgiveness Conference). I expect there will be a good bit of interest in this one.

    2. Oh

      Who are the speakers??

      1. That’s still being nailed down but I believe there will be a press release not too far down the line with more details re: speakers and topics.

    3. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      Are you speaking there, Erik?

      I don’t suppose this conference will affect any church orders the way a similar conference might effect say the Catholic Church, or something like that, would it?

      1. It’s not related to church matters but more of an academia/research type conference. At present I’m not sure if I will be able to be there or not. I wouldn’t be surprised if some Amish people attended.

    4. vendor space

      Please, provide me with information on vendor space at 2013, Amish Tech Conference. Web: https://ogcorky.towergarden.com will provide details. Thanks !!

    5. “Amish Technology” almost sounds like an oxymoron !

    6. Ed

      Sounds like it will be a very interesting conference. We need more scholarly information on appropriate use of technology and how different communities approach it. And I like the idea of an academic conference that combines reporting on academic research with actual field trips, perhaps to see the very things being reported on.

    7. 2013 Amish Tech Conference update

      Please, what is the latest update on the conference? Where? When? Will a trade show be part of the conference? If Yes ! I would appreciate information. Thanks

    8. Ed

      Og, click on the link at the bottom of Erik’s post for answers to all your questions. This is an academic conference. Those from the general public with an interest in Plain peoples and technology can attend, but this is not a trade show or vending opportunity.