100% Amish

I liked this recent nugget from The Budget (thanks to Linda for passing it along):

From Guys Mills, PA, written by Dorothy Hershberger:

Later that afternoon my parents and I went to David Bylers’ (sister Betty) in Conneautville and returned home the next day. Davids are in the process of selling their year-old puppy. While in a conversation by phone of an interested buyer, the guy asked if they’d be able to deliver the dog to his place. When Betty mentioned that they are Amish, he let out a long drawn out, “Ohhh!” and asked, “full blooded?”

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    1. Marilyn from NY

      100% Amish

      It reminds me of what my Mom use to say for things like that: It takes square people to make the world go around.

    2. Crawford County in northwestern PA

      That’s where Guy’s Mills is and Conneautville! Nice to read posts about folks near my old hometown (Meadville, PA).

    3. Tom

      lol, I have heard versions of this story before, but a well timed punchline can bring a laugh at anytime and really brighten the day.

    4. Rachel


      HA! This was great Erik! Thanks for posting this! Nothing like a good laugh in the morring!! I’ll have to pass this around!

    5. Lee Ann

      Brings back memories of my parents talking and joking. Brought a smile to my face this morning!

    6. I do wonder if he asked to see their papers.

      1. Full Blooded Amish

        Funny story and funny comment Erik! Thanks for the morning laughter, it goes great with a cup of coffee.

    7. Nelson


      Why is it SO often that when outsiders come to join the Amishthey are usually not satisfied being right like the rest of the community they want to join,,,,but seem to go 200 percent Amish,,,,and so often even want to control the others who do not believe exactly the way they do,???
      plus the sad part of it was the fact that several of them could not even give a testimony of being a Christian,,,or accepting Jesus into their lives….