Who teaches in Amish schools?

Do Amish children attend public schools?

What about homeschooling?

Today we look at those and other questions on the Amish and education (full list here):

Who teaches Amish children? 

Amish parochial school teachers are typically female and young, though some women make a lifelong career of teaching. Teaching is most feasible before a woman is married, thus many Amish teachers are in the 18-22-year-old age range. In some cases teachers may have a teacher’s aide to assist them.

After marriage, and especially when children enter the picture, the norm is for women to remain at home. Amish men may teach in Amish parochial schools in some cases, though it is relatively uncommon. Rarest of all are non-Amish teachers in Amish schools, though this does occasionally occur.

Do Amish children attend public schools? 

In some communities public school attendance is relatively high. These include Holmes County, Ohio, and the Elkhart-Lagrange County settlement in northern Indiana, where local Amish schools take on an Amish flavor and administration is likely to adapt aspects of the school program to reflect this.

Do the Amish homeschool?

Homeschooling is rare among the Amish. Amish education expert Karen Johnson-Weiner suggests this is because homeschooling conflicts with the ideal of community, a key element of Amish society. Nonetheless, a small minority of Amish opt to homeschool.

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