Reader Ed C sent in the following photo, taken a few years ago in Lancaster County.  What’s happening here?

Photo Amish Ed

In an unrelated note, apologies if you could not access yesterday’s post (about Amish and child labor violations) via the email subscriber or Facebook links.  The post is available under a new url here.

Update: Nothing tricky about this photo.  Lattice was the first to guess correctly below.

There were a few suggestions that these might be buggies traveling to church service.  It’s a reasonable guess, but it is more common for buggies to come and leave in singles and smaller groupings.  I don’t know of any reason that a group of ten buggies would travel together in close formation to arrive at or leave church.

However you may see buggy bunches on certain roads on busy Sundays, both before church and later in the day when youth travel.

Linda has shared a relevant video in the comments which I’ve posted here.  This is from Claudia Myers of Weiler Mansion B-n-B in the Big Valley area of central PA. The video shows buggy traffic on Sunday morning.  You can identify buggies from two of the different Amish groups found in the valley.

Here is more on Amish funeral customs, plus two more photos.

Amish Hearse

An Amish hearse crossing Old Philadelphia Pike (340) in Lancaster County

Amish Burial

Funeral procession arriving at the cemetery

Amish-made cheese

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