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    Arthur Amish photos Very nice work Alice…… I enjoy seeing pictures of Amish settlements that ive yet to visit, and Arthur would be included as one of them. I like the buggy with all those reflectors, like in Lancaster and Lebanon counties i wonder if …

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    Do Amish work on Labor Day? Enjoy your labor day Erik, and everyone as well. Richard …

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    The Amish Buggy I enjoyed this post very much! Excellent post Erik and for me one of my most favorites from you. I really like the buggy styles from the state of Indiana as shown in your story. I have never seen an Amish buggy with fenders before so …

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    Amish produce I try and stop in as many as i can Erik, and yes I’m starting to narrow down which ones are my favorites. I’ve been asking some of the Amish folks who run them when they will be shutting them …

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    Ever see an Amish buggy like this? I know where it is! I know where it is, its in a new Amish settlement in New Jersey from a new sect called “the gambino Amish”. They all talk with their hands and say things like “forget about it”. Richard …

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