Last week’s Lancaster County favorites post has been getting some nice suggestions.  Lot of food places and Amish businesses, plus some rather off-the-beaten path recommendations like Amos Hoover’s library and the Lititz area.

Lindsay asked if we could do the same for Elkhart and Lagrange Counties in Indiana (i.e. Shipshewana, Middlebury, and so on).   I’d even open it up to nearby Nappanee, and for that matter, why not other communities in Indiana.

indiana amish favorite places

A young Amish traveler near Goshen, Indiana

My last time in Indiana was when I lived in Goshen for four months in 2006.   The town, on the western boundary of the Elkhart-Lagrange Amish settlement, is home to Mennonite-founded Goshen College.  I had a regular restaurant in downtown Goshen, the County Seat Cafe at 124 West Jefferson St.

One of the waitresses who brought my eats in the morning was a young Amish mother (some Amish moms do work out though it’s not too common).   I happened to visit her home later in the summer, and she and her husband ended up buying books from me.  We had a funny moment when we recognized that we knew each other from breakfast.

That restaurant had great biscuits and gravy (yum) and was just a nice positive start to the day.  Don’t know if my waitress is still there (I kind of doubt it), but the food and local diner atmosphere definitely make it worth a visit.  Goshen itself is no hotbed of Amish activity, but is a pretty place with a beautiful historic downtown.

What about your favorites–in Elkhart-Lagrange, Nappanee, Daviess County, or other Hoosier Amish havens?

And: For those looking for Hoosier State Amish woodworkers, a guide to Indiana Amish furniture
Goshen Amish photo credit: Martin Dougiamas


Amish-made cheese

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